Accutane Treats Severe Acne

Most people can treat acne with OTC products, but there are some people who have severe acne whom can find no relief from the symptoms of the skin condition with these products. Often OTC medications fail miserably at providing treatments, laser treatments are out of the question and home remedies simply make a mess in the kitchen. This can leave those who want nothing more frustrated and wondering if there is anything that they can do to ease the embarrassment severe acne brings with it.

When all else fails, a visit to the doctor could provide you with a solution for your resistant acne. A medication known as Accutane is available, and those who have used the product in the past have reported phenomenal results with use of the capsules. It is intended to treat nodule acne and is given only after other treatments have not proven successful. Many people are also talking about the effective acne products from proactiv. Check it out!

A form of Vitamin A, Accutane reduces the amount of oil glands released in the skin while allowing the skin to renew itself back to a healthy state in a quicker amount of time. Those who wish to use Accutane for their acne must first register under a special program called iPledge. Because of the significant dangers of the medication, registration in the program requires you to sign documentation stating that you understand all of the associated risks and complications that could result. Ma

Important Accutane Information

Accutane can cause severe, sometimes life-threatening birth defects in infants and should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing. Women who are of child-bearing age are required to sign special documentation under the iPledge program agreeing to use two forms of birth control and commit to regular pregnancy testing.

Additional vitamin A supplements should be avoided while taking Accutane and for 30 days after discontinuing use of the product.

Other individuals should not take Accutane including those who are allergic to isotretinoin, individuals who have a family history of mental illness, those with high cholesterol or heart disease and individuals with concerns such as asthma, diabetes, liver disease and osteoporosis. Your doctor will perform a complete health evaluation before offering Accutane. It is essential that you are honest during the evaluation and discuss any concerns that you may have concerning Accutane use before starting the medication.

Accutane Side Effects

A number of potential side effects could occur while taking Accutane. An allergic reaction is always possible, with signs such as swelling of the face, throat, lips and tongue. Get help immediately if you suspect an allergic reaction. Mild side effects of the drug include:

• Dizziness
• Back Pain
• Joint pain

Serious Accutane side effects include:

• Depressed mood
• Trouble concentrating
• Blurred vision
• Numbness or weakness on one side of the body
• Loss of appetite
• Seizures
• Hearing Problems

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